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The Pastor & Priestess

The Pastor and Priestess are bringing it all together; pagan and Christian, ancient and future, soul and body, masculine and feminine.  Join them to explore the deep psycho-spiritual roots of what ails us and what we need for healing and justice in the 21st century. 

Jun 25, 2021

Grandmother La’ne Sa’an Moonwalker hails from a lineage of healers from her Yaqui grandmother. Holding a vision to train teachers, healers, oracles and ministers under the umbrella of environmental guardianship she sought and found her main teacher Grandmother Tu Moonwalker, the holder of an unbroken medicine lineage. Together, they founded The Philosophy of Universal Beingness Within the Whole.

Grandmother La’ne is a Reverend Canon through The Brigade of Light and is on the World Council of Spiritual Elders through the Aniwa Community. She has been an oracle, healer, spiritual teacher and environmental guardian for fifty years.